Our portfolio - these are the products that are presented to the trade networks, rather than beautiful display pictures shown to a small circle. We do not make pretty presentations - we create result oriented trademarks.
Consumer branding is one of the core competencies of Fabula Branding: studios portfolio contains over 250 developed brands of dairy products, meat and confectionery products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements, vitamins, and household goods.
Corporate branding is more than just a logo design, business card or letterhead. It is a companys announcement about itself, the statement through design, font, and color. The truly high-quality service in the development of corporate identity is an ideal balance of simplicity, visual expression, and thoughtfulness of the brand concept behind it.
Discover what distinguishes you from others in the eyes of consumers, understand the motives and expectations of your target audience, develop the right communication, intelligently communicate it through the design and the graphic elements for the retail space - Fabula Branding experts will help to solve many problems associated with the design of your store or retail space.
We are experts, not theoreticians. Theoretically, it does not always mean "commercially successful". Experience gained in practice, knowledge of the market and intuition - these are the main factors in the effectiveness of our work.