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5 out of 10: half of the projects in the recent review of the packaging design on BelRetail.by are ours! Fabula Branding projects are regularly published on the pages of the above authoritative resource on retail trade and e-commerce in Belarus. In the current version, the following works were mentioned.

Fabula Branding oversaw logo redesign and rebranding for the main line of "Zdravushka" trademark by "Zdravushka-Milk" Company.




The goal of the project: to redesign the main line of natural dairy products (milk, kefir, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, etc.), focused in the middle tier price segment.

The task of the project: to make the design more modern, with particular focus on the development of clear and color category-specific distinction inside the line. To carry out the restyling of the trademark logo.

Solution: The basis for the concept design was a contrasting color illustration that created two separate parts: one area focused on brand presentation and another emphasized “feeling the taste”. The latter area is a silhouette of utensils used at home for cooking and eating dairy products.

Design of chocolate packaging BonGenie

 Разработка дизайна упаковки шоколада

Разработка дизайна упаковки шоколада

The design of this line of products is realized via general premium characteristic of the brand, developed and exhibited with the lines of handmade "macarons" and Tuscan crackers - black color, large typography and “juicy” photo style.

The design development materializes with the colored strip on the top edge of the package. Each type of chocolate is distinguished by a photo of the taste identifier.

A new brand of TerraСotta coffee



Within the framework of the project, the trademark of coffee and packaging for OOO "Valeo Vita Company" was developed.

Brief: Asia and Africa are the regions where coffee is imported from. A unique feature of the product is its taste with chocolate notes. Packing material - metalized film. The price segment is medium.

Solution: Name TerraCotta is characterized by the eloquence and the soft “verbal” aftertaste. The name is also associated with the color that organically is included in the warm "earthy" palette of various coffee shades.

At the heart of the design concept is a pattern stylized as an image with layers of soil that plays along with the name (terra means "earth" in Latin), and at the same time, it graphically resembles the plasticity of coffee plantations. The picturesqueness and form complexity of the background are balanced by a laconic block filled with information. The pattern is branded with the trademark name, executed in the style of the font based logo. The effect of metallization is added to the packaging.

Development of "100 friends" sausage trademark for OJSC "Grodno Meat Processing Plant"



Brief: Product - sausages of the middle price segment: smoked, raw, boiled sausages, kielbasa and other types of sausages. Regions of sales - Belarus and Russia. Consumption situations: outings with family and friends, picnics, gathering with guests, a quick snack. Target audience - men and women, age group of 25-40 years.

Solution: Warm and bright yellow color clearly distinguishes product on the shelf among the competitors, serves as a unique color identifier and brings pleasant association with a picnic or friendly outdoor gatherings. The inviting and open packaging are further supported by the number “100”, with numbers in the shape of sausages and cursive font.

Restyling of the packaging of the Polotsk Breads of OAO Vitebskhlebprom (a branch of the Polotsk Bakery)



Since the first redesign in 2014, the sales growth for some SKUs had increased by 90%. The purpose of the current restyling is to become a niche player with an even larger market share, which required a more practical design to aid the consumer with the easier comprehension of flavor variety for the product line and to clearly communicate the nutritional features of each species.

The concept was based on laconism, photo style and work with color. When the previous design version was predominantly expressed with the photo style based storyline, now the emphasis is on the color codification - massive color fillings, the maximum color development, and the expressive zone of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

As another convenient feature, the consumer is given information about the nutritional value of the product per one serving, which is especially important for people watching the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in their diet.

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