City of the Sun

Family-oriented educational center «City of the Sun»
A task:
Brand development for family educational center: brand platform, logo, visual identity, environmental branding
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«City of the Sun» is a family educational center for the full development of personality. For three years now the conceptual center of the «City of the Sun» is a school where studying processes are based on principles of humanistic education. Not only children study there, but also parents and teachers.

Fabula Branding team task was to develop a brand platform, to create a bright identity of the center and to form a nature of school space through verbal and visual communication.

Brand Platform

The mission of «City of the Sun» is to make the world a better and kinder place with the help of love, knowledge and wisdom. Founders of the school are convinced that the main goal of modern education is not simply to provide formal knowledge, but to develop a moral backbone of a child that will help him to grow up.

Platform establishment stage became a pivotal step in the project as the place started to turn into a cultural space for human development as it was represented by the founder of humanist pedagogy as well as «City of the Sun» mastermind — Shalva Amonashvili. The concept of positioning was based on family values as it is undeniable that only family — supportive and caring — can help develop the best abilities in a child.

Neat logo, graphic elements and the whole system of visual end-to-end identification emphasize the character of the brand: «City of the Sun» is a free-minded space with a friendly atmosphere welcoming every child and their parents.

Environmental design

While developing positioning, Fabula team analyzed all possible engagement points of children, parents and teachers with the brand of the educational center. This analysis helped to create a unique space which reflects the philosophy of the school in thoughts of such people as Slava Polunin, Saint-Exupéry, Tove Marika Jansson, Janka Kupala, Maksim Bogdanovich, Walt Disney and so on.

Identity of «City of the Sun» is supported by original illustrations inspired by the world of child fantasies. Another feature is a special way of communication on posters where you won’t find any clichés or standard phrases. There are no ranks on teachers’ badges — only their missions. Door handles are designed with colourful hangers either welcoming pupils to come in or asking to maintain studying atmosphere.

Fabula Branding team created school navigation system and branded façade, studying areas and corporate carriers of the school. Literally every detail in the «City of the Sun» represents the values of the brand and plunges people around into its friendly atmosphere.