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A task:
Comprehensive development of trademark
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The name "Easy!" was born from a very simple idea: buying shoes should be pleasant and easy exercise, and shoes should bring ease and pleasure. In addition, the offerings will only include footwear brands where the principle of comfort is the main priority.

To enhance the emotional component, the name is completed with an exclamation point to bring a conversational potential for trademark marker.

The idea of ease and joy of life are implied in the title and embodied in the logo. Th text block with a script font emphasizes friendliness and sensibility of the brand and the background with various images of clouds reveals the names of symbols: “ease” of prices, ease of choice, ease of purchase and ease of movement.

In the development of the retail network, an emphasis was placed on the active use of brand’s bright colors (blue, white, yellow and pink extra) in combination with the logo, and pictures of people and shoes.

The phrases in the speech bubbles along with the name and logo "Easy!" and funny outline drawings provide a tremendous opportunity for the fan engagement and channel the right mood, light and full of life.

The branded color palette, logo and line drawings are the foundation to create a bright and recognizable trademark identity, and to emphasize the dynamism and friendliness of the brand. Also, the creation of brand book requested by the client regulates the use of branding in various areas, from design to retail souvenirs.