Local Known

Green supermarkets
A task:
Development of a name, a logo, a universal label and a design of space branding for a unique line of food products
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The supermarket chain Green is known for its approach to the product mix: they focus on healthy foods and quality ingredients. To highlight a line of natural premium natural goods on the shelves, it was decided to create branding for both goods and space where products are shown.

The name "Local Known" (“Местное известное” in Russian) is rhythmic and balanced, which in turn makes it more recognizable by consumers, and was born because of the unique features of product offerings. Each category of healthy foods is presented on the shelves without harmful food additives and includes the goods of store’s own produce, farmer products and many others type of products. All products are supplied by small farmers and local producers, who are well-known for the high quality of their products. Emotionally "Local Known" slogan is a familiar image of a local butcher, family owner of a small grocery store, with buyers shopping there all the time because consumers are confident of the quality of the products.

Bright and juicy green color, accompanied by a warm dark color combination, supports the overall natural foundation of the product. The logo block itself is full of options: the symbolic contour image of the house can turn into a large arrow and carry an additional information, pointing to the product.

When developing labels, it was necessary to consider that "Local Known" does not represent private label products, but the products of different trademarks and many suppliers of healthy products, with all of them connected by the same product category and production principles. Therefore, the design of labels should be universal to appropriately fit on any original packaging.

The large store signage (signs, turnstiles, shelf signs) used in branding space includes additional elements: for example, icons to indicate a product type and patterns to support the main image. The combination of all these details makes it possible not only to highlight the "Local Known" slogan in the store space but convey a convenient local navigation system.