Natalia Dichkovskaya Beauty School

Natalia Dichkovskaya Beauty School
A task:
logo development for the beauty school
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Natalia Dichkovskaya School of Beauty is a unique project, where school activities include seminars with the focus on facial care, aromatherapy training workshops, face creams products, DIY natural cosmetics recipes with an overarching goal of helping women to achieve harmony with nature and their inner beauty.

Fabula team has developed several variants of the visual symbols for the organization. The choice was an illustration depicting a woman's face using modern minimalist stylistics. The logo delicately covers all areas of the school and translates its main values - naturalness and organic qualities in everything. The idea of nature is shown with an image of plant wreath. Hands next to the face serve as a sign of contact with individuality, care and love for ourselves while also creating further associations with face “fitness”. In the portrait, the features of Natalia Dychkovskaya can be seen, achieving an important step of a strong personal brand build-up.