"A-100 Development" group of companies
A task:
To create a visual image, a slogan and communication principles for "Pier", a resort complex
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"Pier" is a modern residential resort complex with high European level of service on the shores of Minsk Sea, combining nature with modern amenities. The newly created attributes emphasize the main advantages of the brand and translate the essence of positioning - a comfortable and exclusive retreat by the sea with optimal conditions for rest and relaxation.

The visual symbol of the "Pier" is an anchor, which not only supports the theme of the sea yet also symbolizes the house as a “life dock”. The idea of environmental friendliness, harmony with nature and vacation by the water is broadcasted by a restrained and noble color mix identity - a combination of deep blue with natural sand tones. They create a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, add a special color and style to the neighborhood by the sea that megalopolis lacks. The concept of the resort complex is reinforced by the slogan "The ocean of time for life" to depict a picture of laid-back everyday life harmonious with itself and with the surrounding world.

The creation and maintenance of a holistic brand perception are facilitated by the comprehensive communication guide: the document regulates the principles of delivering the main idea to the target audience, clearly prescribes the content, format and stylistics of advertising messages, identifies the most suitable points of contact and sets requirements for visual design messages.