COMPANY "Gatovo-Tanner"
A task:
Comprehensive brand development for shoe salon
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The strong aspect of this name is the advancement of the potential for at initially ordinary name, such as "flip-flops". Because of fantasy like transformation, the word has alternative associations that were intended during its creation. SunDali are not the usual "flip-flops", but are a type of city, a city of sun, bathed in light with the dream of a new life - a bright and yet conceptual, like the painting of Dali, whose name coincides with the second part of the name. And though domestic interior filling has nothing to do with the aesthetics of surrealism, the overall impression of the sunny and warm spot is formed during pronunciation of the name with the accent placed on the last syllable.

A stylized image of the foot imprint was chosen as a logo or more precisely, the foot imprint’s upper part for a person who stood up on tiptoes before leaving for a journey. This has created a light and positive mood. The designer's imagination turned ordinary footprint trail to the sunrise of “many suns” on the horizon that symbolizes both a wide range of choices and a positive atmosphere.

The interior arrangement is organized with stylistic accents, setting a certain mood, and informational elements on wall panels, columns, reception desk, etc. A system of functional zoning and decorative lighting is created. The buyers are offered choices with many comfortable, soft, long-sitting couches in the original company’s colors.