Baby Story

"Baby Story" nonprofit organization
A task:
Development of a logo for a charitable foundation
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Baby Story is a non-profit organization that helps premature babies and their loved ones. The logo should reveal the essence of the organization's activities, the task is to draw attention to the problem of premature birth and their consequences.

To emphasize the specifics of the organization and to distinguish their symbols among other charitable organizations, we decided to avoid the traditional category of symbols like the heart or hands. At the same time, it was important for us to convey the ideas of love, care and support.

The solution was the image of a bird that hatches and protects unborn baby chicks. Despite its succinctness, the illustration not only supports the name but also tells a story about maternal love, selflessness and the birth of life - a baby story. Warm and red-pink color symbolize warmth and affection, necessary qualities for the trust of this organization. And the fluid outlines for illustrations and letters create gentle and tender attitude toward the newborn. The font detail is integrated into the graphic element - the letters and the picture form an integral combination and strengthen the connection to the visual image of the organization.

The project was completed on the pro bono basis.