Giraffe Wardrobe

Nikos-Techno LLC
A task:
Identity development
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The client specializes in manufacturing sliding door wardrobes, and this market segment is traditionally associated with intense competition. The company approached us with an already developed charismatic name — Giraffe Wardrobe (“Shkaf Zhiraf” in Russian). We had to come up with a  bright identity to fully explore the creative naming.

That is how we developed a funny brand character — the giraffe. The visual basis for the image is a builder’s ruler. The character became a unique brand identifier used both as a graphic element in the logo and as a separate poly- and monochrome image. The Russian version of the slogan “The one and only Giraffe Wardrobe” rhymes with the company’s phone number making it easier for potential customers to memorize it.

The laconic design is easily adaptable to different media. Thanks to that, we developed solutions for polygraphic materials, website, and outdoor advertising, and also branded the company’s corporate uniforms and vehicles. Moreover, we created a logo book to help the customer use all identity elements correctly, adhere to the style, and make its company more recognizable.