A task:
Developing Identity for a Personalized Medicine App
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The product represents a new generation of medicine. It is a comprehensive diagnostics system including portable gadgets, a mobile app that collects and analyzes information, and a global database. The system monitors the state of one’s health, evaluates the chances of development of different diseases, and connects the user to respective medical specialists. The task of the agency was to show the advantages of modern personalized medicine through identity.

The name Hi:Health is phonetically balanced and illustrates the nature of the brand – its technological edge and individual approach to consumers. The first part – “Hi” sounds like “high” and at the same time is turned into a greeting in brand identity.

The text part of the logo is also a graphic symbol with several messages hidden in its elements. The counter-form is shaped like a cross, and the colon symbolizes a dialog between a user and the app, a patient and a doctor.

The visual solution combines the technological nature of internal processes and personalized approach to each user. To show it, we’ve selected a colour scheme that creates the emotional atmosphere: the technological white and blue combination is balanced by the warm peach colour of the background. The style is emphasized by additional elements: large and readable typography (straight lines, right angles, sans-serif), laconic infographics, and photo style (portrait photos at a given angle).

A detailed guideline with the rules of element combination has been developed to simplify further corporate style adaptation. Our team also created a presentation for the project’s ICO.