ZAO BellaPack
A task:
Corporate re-branding: brand platform, positioning, name, logo, and identity
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BellaPack had been in the market for 20 years and was well-known as a manufacturer of plastic bags. However, this image failed to illustrate the company’s potential. It required an international level brand with the focus on comprehensive packaging solutions. The brand had to promote the idea of eco-friendly packaging that it had recently started to produce.

The team of Fabula Branding carried out audit, talked to the company’s partners and employees, and analyzed modern trends and competitive environment. Using this data the team developed a platform and positioning based on three main principles:

· Eco — meeting today’s ecological requirements;

· Friendly — customer-oriented approach and the ability to develop complex packaging solutions for any business tasks;

· Smart — active implementation of modern technologies to increase productivity and cost efficiency.

The name Kinglet further develops the idea of naturalness and refers to the stable market position of the company, and a memorable logo creates the image of a modern European company. The bird-shaped kerned letter together with the brand’s corporate colours reflects the nature of the new image and visualizes the three principles: Eco. Friendly. Smart.

The corporate brand developed by Fabula Branding reflects the new image of the company, emphasizes its values, and refers to peculiar internal business processes.