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Comprehensive trademark development for International logistics company
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The term "story of logistics" is quite common in a professional environment and it is used for tracking cargo movements. But for the general public, the name obviously describes company's business and its "history" in a global sense with far-reaching experiences gained through tradition and loyalty to its core principles. These two fundamentals drove a creation of future name to make it receptive and expressive tool that explains the spirit and values of the new brand.

Transport, logistics and forwarding, three business units of the company, are reflected in the logo as three different elements. Their fantasy evolution clearly helps to read the name of the capital letter in the logo, where L, where its inverted reflection creates a balance that can be traced origins with number one. It symbolizes the company's commitment to world-class service. If we perceive the logo only on the graphic level, the stylized image of a truck is imagined as the main "working tool" of the company, moving from left to right, signifying forward movement to positive changes. The laconic font with square shapes visualizes stability, balance, confidence and apparent progress, where the dynamics and speed are always present in all company’s processes.