A task:
Comprehensive development of trademark urban resort
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The fantastic name Solberg and the slogan "Nordic health" will not only create a strong and pure image but also make a geographic reference to the Scandinavian region.

Trademark is a cipher in the form of the letter S, inscribed in the image of a tree - a classical gravure manner with careful attention to details. The logo conveys the idea of reliability, tradition and confidence, and the chosen shade of green present the principles of nature, earth and sustainability. The block name is made as a stark contrast and the name is written in simple, elegant font.

The Identity supports the style of the logo based on the specific design with the complex graphic pattern and natural motives and this approach allows the use of different parts of the pattern without repeating while preserving the integrity of the image.

The principles and uses of the various elements of corporate identity are highlighted in the brand book. Also, the name-legend mission and core principles were developed for this brand.

*The project was accepted by the customer but has not been implemented for economic reasons.