Consumer branding

Consumer branding by Fabula Branding is one of its core competencies. Our portfolio includes more than 250 brands of dairy products, meat and confectionery, alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages, nutritional supplements, vitamins, household goods and many other consumer products.

In the development and creation of packaging, we are guided by the conceptual approach and belief that a well-made design not only maintains communication, as displayed in the title, and effectively "sells" the product off the shelf and helps to significantly reduce spending on advertising and promotions.

Our unique offering is the development of trademarks and turnkey brands, from commercially successful names to the attractive and colorful packaging liked by consumers.

On average, the development of protectable name, logo and concept of packaging takes 1.5 months. Furthermore, it all depends on the specific number of SKUs for the chosen concept, so the terms are individually tailored for each client.