Klimovichi Plant of Alcoholic Beverages
A task:
Packaging design for premium trademark of vodka
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Vodka brand ALPHA LINE is produced using alcohol highly class ‘Belalfa’ (best of all manufactured in Belarus alcohol) treatment with the addition of malt, which gives her ‘a pleasant natural aroma, soft’ wheat ‘and the characteristic taste of the meat aftertaste.’ The line has three positions - Light (38%), Original (39%), and Classic (40%).

The tall, elegant shape immediately tells consumers that Alpha Line is of a high quality, and the serif font feels traditional and well-respected. Each variety utilizes a different color, but the entire line features metallic accents that further elevate the brand.

The label is in the form of typography several blocks, each of which emphasizes the leadership position of the product on the market in the aspect of quality (alcohol is a new generation of ‘Belalfa’—the development of private enterprise, received the gold medal at the Moscow International Competition of alcohols). High consumers of quality assessment is also not long in coming—in the competition ‘Product of the Year - 2015’ vodka, ALPHA LINE Classic won the Grand Prix.

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