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A task:
Package design for a trademark of vodka
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ARCTICA NORD is a new trademark of vodka that was expected to be launched in the sub-premium and premium segments and required a visual image. Specific requirements were set by the mature market and conservative target audience of the product. The design had to be typical for the category and take the market situation into consideration.

The design solution developed by the team of Fabula Branding is in line with the name of the brand and inspired by the natural beauty of northern landscapes — vast expanses of snow and massive icebergs.

The design for the mid-price segment products is quite laconic: a matted white label, an emphasized logo zone, and the image of ice surface. The silvery shimmering effect is reached by means of metallization and silver foil impression.

A complicated technique called coating was used in the packaging of the premium segment products. As a result, the bottle is almost completely covered with white paint. A window on the front shows an image that due to the lens effect appears to be almost 3D. The holographic shine of the upper part of the label (that shows whether the bottle has been opened) refers to nordic lights. A windrose blazon developed specifically for the trademark supports the high status of the product.

Pavel Godes, Marketing Director at Russkiy Vodochniy Holding Group of Companies

The ARCTICA NORD design developed by the team of Fabula Branding completely matches the positioning of our trademark. Other Russian vodka brands don’t use such technically complicated design solutions, and this distinguishes us from our competitors.