Cheese Fables

Turov Dairy Plant
A task:
Integrated trademark development of cheese trademark of pasta filata group
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Fabula Branding developed the adorable line “Cheese Fables” for Turov Dairy Factory. The rectangular window box gives you a peek through of the cheese roll steeped with various herbs. The container is “garnished” with a pastel color overlaid with a white tick-mark pattern. A custom made badge sits in the center highlighting the name of the product, while two charismatic characters bracket.

According to the task, the nature of a new trademark reflects relatedness to Slavic culture, certain pally like style, as well as emphasizes naturality of the product.

Reference to the most ancient literary form provides a wealth of material for development of the concept which is clear and familiar to everybody since childhood. Something near and dear, your own and very important is focused on in many fables.

In the Krylov’s fable about a crown and a fox which is well-known for everybody since childhood, it is cheese that becomes an apple of discord for the characters and a coveted award for the strongest, most cunning, and smartest of them.

A witty allusion to the famous fable evokes pleasant memories and brings back to unblighted old days allowing for establishment of a stable emotional bond to the product. Humorous illustrations in folklore style, “fantasy” font, good-natured images and characters provide high potential to further development of the brand as this inspires to invent and taste more and more ‘cheese fables’.