“VitebskMeat-PackingPlant” OJSC
A task:
Comprehensive trademark development of smoked sausages consumed with beer
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The name "BeerBaski" succinctly addresses several priority areas in its presentation, as requested by the client. First, the easy recognition of product type (sausage) is kept; second, the name indicates consumption situation and the appropriate related item (Beer); third, clearly readable and unmistakable product orientation on the younger generation.

The logo is shown with the white and black color combination. The name is divided into two separate blocks with not only “two-story” composition but also with the use of different colors.

Of central importance are the logo and appetizing close-up "portrait" of the product. The photo is posted as to simulate a clear "window" in the package through which the contents can be seen. The logo is visually connected to the flavor imaging (producer planned to release sausage with pepper flavor, parsley, others). Also, the role of "taste informant" is communicated in the upper part of the package, which has the same color as the font.