Belmarket company
A task:
Comprehensive development of private label
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The proprietary brands are usually distinguished by lower cost compared to similar third-party products. Therefore, the title should be obvious to inform the buyer about the availability and "simplicity" of the future trademark. In this respect, the option of "White Cottage" name was very successful. An additional advantage is an allusion to the family, kinship and it is certainly not only present in the vertical "store to product" relationship as part of the umbrella brand positioning, but this family connection is also part of the direct relationships between "buyer and store." The epithet "white" often serves as a synonym for a concept of "clean, new, tidy", where the name creates favorable associations.

The small, cozy yet clearly welcoming, despite its "compact" size, white house reinforces the name not only semantically, but also emotionally. Certain "playfulness" between the lines creates an allure to the good-natured, friendly and close relationship between the trademark and its audience.