A task:
To develop a design system for the products of EZK TM
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The customer approached Fabula Branding with two trademarks: “EZK. Cook at home!” focused on mustard and ketchup and “Provansal EZK” that produced mayonnaise. Both had already formed a loyal audience, and on the next marketing stage they had to be united under the same umbrella brand. This process required a new adaptive design system for all types of packages (stand-up pouches, cups, tubes, etc).

EZK products are leaders in their categories by the volume of sales in the Urals region. Therefore, while working on the concept Fabula Branding had to keep the target audience in mind. It is mainly formed by traditionalists that prefer familiar products and are not attracted by modern trends.

The new package is visible on the shelf, but the familiar trademark is easily recognizable thanks to the preserved corporate colours and typical positioning of the elements. A large and eye-catching logo zone placed over the taste marker also increases recognizability. The colour differentiation of the range helps the customers quickly choose the kind of product they need. A tasty-looking large food zone suggests the dishes a product goes well with (the pictures used in it were taken in the course of an individual photoshoot). Laconic USPs show that the product and the company can be trusted.