Granny Anya

SP Santa Bremor OOO
A task:
Rebranding of an existing trademark of precooked products
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Santa Bremor approached Fabula Branding with a request for the rebranding of the Granny Anya trademark — a leader of the precooked products segment of Belarusian market. The task included audit, making adjustments to the existing positioning, and development of a new design system to unite all positions within the trademark.


The new positioning and platform of the brand continue to tap into the existing emotional image of a caring and family-oriented trademark and also emphasize some rational advantages showing Granny Anya as a Belarusian product that many customers have been familiar with for years.

The new package design corresponds to the positioning. The designer of the logo decided to make it an emblem, as this approach would help make further advertising more versatile and try different communication insights while preserving the emotional component. Smooth lettering shapes refer to the image of a cozy home kitchen. The continuity of design solutions is supported by the use of the corporate red colour.

The new design system is based on the tasty food zone, matted package surface, and a background pattern featuring the craft texture of baking paper. Still colour palette emphasizes the brand zone of the package. In the “pirogi” category taste differentiation is added to colour.

The food zone was designed using the photos taken in accordance with a concept by Fabula Branding.

Rodion Kovenkin, photographer

According to the concept, the products were displayed in their natural state, without any retouching. To do so, we invited a food stylist to cook almost all positions. Each product had to meet the parameters of the dish it was displayed on for the parameters to be visually pleasing. The look of the products, their colours, and soft natural light as if coming from a kitchen window - all these elements are associated with home-cooked meals and continue to shape the image of the trademark.