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Comprehensive trademark design for garden equipment products
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Grasshopper, an insect and a typical representative of the garden "fauna", is a powerful association of highest degree for the garden equipment. Typically, grasshoppers play as plants pests in agriculture, yet even though the original version is not the most positive role, for these products it was designed to deal with excessive vegetation and the name becomes an excellent choice for expression.

Another bonus of this individual name can be considered its phonetic "Germanism", even though that the word is English, verbally it is perceived as German. The German manufacturers are traditionally considered to be industry leaders.

The central element of the emblem is a stylized image of the insect head, "looking" straight at you. At the same time, one of a kind heraldic design (even with all realism in the logo, the characteristic stamp of a heraldic lion can be still seen) refers to the tradition of "cutting" and creates confidence with the handwritten logos like those used by the giants of automobile production. The green field allows you to make a clear link with a category of the product - garden tools and equipment. Easy to read font supports advanced technology and soundness of the brand.