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Updated brand character image, packaging redesign
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The composition of breakfast cereal "Hrumstik" includes natural ingredients and those are clearly displayed on the package not only with the signatures but also with drawings of the ingredients themselves. Even a child, who cannot read yet, can easily choose his/her favorite flavor. Six different options did not become "six different rabbits", where it would be impossible for kids to keep up with of them, but various flavors were captured with the variants of striking and unambiguous colors.

The name and package weight are highlighted with bright white outlines, where those refer to the traditional use of milk with these products.

The visual separation of the name into two parts ("munch" and "stick") also helps to get a better "feel" for the trademark via the following elements: "verbal accompaniment", the organoleptic characteristics of the product and its format (sticks). The only “non-animated" component of the package is photorealistic images of the product itself. Thus, the actual product is highlighted but not lost on the general background that includes many other bright and saturated drawings.