Minskaya Marka

Minsk Dairy Plant No.1
A task:
Package Redesign
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Minskaya Marka is a long-standing range of dairy products that has been developing with the city itself and recently got new packaging. The packages of familiar products are now featuring Minsk architectural highlights. Fabula Branding was commissioned to do the redesign by Minsk Dairy Plant No.1.

The Task
We had to re-think a conservative and outdated design solution keeping in mind the audience that has been loyal to the brand for years. Therefore the redesign had to preserve a recognizable image and keep the product within its price range.

The Foundation
The product had a name that hadn’t been supported by positioning or reflected in the design before. Few dairy product brands base their communication on their territorial status, however, this positioning could help the product stabilize in its market niche. Therefore, the new image had to be built on popular and clear associations with Minsk. They determined the cultural background of the solution, based on which we could understand what images to show on the packages and what colour the packaging had to be.

The Results
The wide colour range of the brand was replaced by a single shade: strict and confident blue. It was used in packaging before, but now it was given the leading role. A combination of blue and white is both a convincing solution for the dairy industry and a reference to the heraldic colours of Minsk. The story of the city is emphasized by engraving-like illustrations. The packages are decorated with the images of Minsk sights: the Trinity Suburb, the Opera and Ballet Theater, Minsk City Hall, and the Gates of Minsk. This helped us unify the name and the packaging into a single logical composition.
The advantages of this solution are not only emotional, but also practical. A clear composition without overwhelming details can be easily adapted to different media. Therefore the manufacturer would be able to extend the product range following the instructions that Fabula Branding provided in the course of the redesign.