Moya Ovsyanushka (My Dear Porridge)

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A task:
To develop a name, logo, and package design for a trademark of porridges
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A new trademark of porridges was to be launched in the market by the manufacturing company Uvelka and required a name, logo, and package design that would be in line with the values and needs of the target audience.

The design of the package takes into consideration the requirements of the “middle minus” segment. Clear zoning and large details help communicate the most important information to the customer. The name Moya Ovsyanushka (My Dear Porridge) refers to the category and evokes kind and sweet associations. The emotional message is supported by the logo with its smooth lettering and a graphic element (a wheat head). The food zone is decorated with tasty-looking fruit and berries and together with the bright and clear colour solution distinguishes the product on the shelf and helps the customer identify the product.

Natalya Zyablina, product manager at Uvelka:

Our customers noticed the bright and informative package. This solution is not typical for the “middle minus” segment in our category and therefore increases their interest. A successful combination of design, price, and product quality helped us smash our target at the very beginning of sales.

The product was presented at Prodexpo-2019, and immediately after that 50 distributors placed their purchase orders. Our porridge is currently available in all top-12 sales networks in Russia.