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A task:
Comprehensive development of energy drinks brand
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The first step in the trademark development was the in-depth analysis of the energy drinks market. To find the most promising niche for effective build-up, we studied the features of the category, the audience, situations when the product is consumed and conducted comprehensive market research.

Based on the data gathered, a new direction for the category positioning was created – an energy source with a national character for high achievers. The brand promise is filled with profound insights, than those of competitors, and differentiated from competitors. Philosophy and brand values are expressed with the use of verbal and visual attributes.

Confidently sounding RUSKING is a spectacular neologism that speaks of patriotism and high self-esteem. The slogan "The control of own energy" helps to identify the product category as an energy drink. The phrase has a powerful emotional message - a drink for those who keep everything under control, achieve goals and masters of their own destiny.

The theme of "energy in Russian" is supported by the design of the package. The bear is a recognizable Russian symbol. The image of the king and master, strong and enduring, yet not aggressive and ready to defend his interests, correlates well with the values of the target audience.

An invigorating and expressive red color corresponds to the character of the drink, creating associations with active life and energy. A combination of this color with gold appeals to the visual codes of Russian culture, attracts attention and distinguishes product on the shelf.