Stara Pivnice

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The name with Czech roots for a new beer brand was chosen not by accident since it is associated with the positive experiences of other beer brands with the "pseudo-Czech" marketing legend. The product, which the name is to be chosen, is, in fact, a classic Czech lager considered by many connoisseurs to be a real "golden standard" for beer due to its customary soft taste and golden shades. Moreover, to create the maximum authenticity for the new trademark, traditional technologies were used in production (for this reason, a brewing expert from the Czech Republic was invited to Belarus) and the authentic Czech malt and hops were used in the recipe.

All these factors were considered during the name development and, as a result, a new name was created to adequately compete with Czech brands in the beer market.

The label continues to promote traditional Czech themes. The spirit of the "old Czech Republic" can be tracked to both characteristics of the font work and the heraldic elements, which give the design the necessary "historical" feel. The silhouette engraving of the Prague panorama further strengthens this impression.