Valeo Vita
A task:
coffee brand development (naming, logo and packaging design)
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Asia and Africa are the regions where coffee is imported from. A unique feature of the product – taste with chocolate notes. Packing material - metallized film. The price segment is medium.

Name TerraCotta is characterized by the eloquence and the soft “verbal” aftertaste. The name is also associated with the color that organically is included in the warm "earthy" palette of various coffee shades.

At the heart of the design concept is a pattern stylized as an image with layers of soil that plays along with the name (terra means "earth" in Latin), and at the same time, it graphically resembles the plasticity of coffee plantations.

The picturesqueness and form complexity of the background are balanced by a laconic block filled with information. The pattern is branded with the trademark name, executed in the style of the font based logo. The effect of metallization is added to the packaging.