True Housewife Cereals

Resurs LLC
A task:
Package design solution
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Fabula Branding developed a design solution for The True Housewife cereals produced by the Russian company Resurs LLC. This is a new bright and neat range for the economy segment with a strong look.

The economy segment we focused on sets out rather strict design requirements: the colours should be bright and simple, the lettering – large and visible, and the product should be clearly demonstrated. That is why we combined classic category colours into a plain and clear construction: the upper block identifies the trademark, the main color block indicates the position in the range, and the photo style shows the content. This rational approach will help consumers find The Real Housewife cereals in stores faster. Laconic infographics supports the general package design idea: we’ve created a simple and strong solution without excessive additional elements for the customers not to get distracted from the nature of the product.