Urban Beer

OJSC Krinitsa
A task:
Beer redesign
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At the heart of the design is the visual identity that typically does not associate with the beer design, but, on the contrary, strongly emphasizes the novelty and departure from the norm.

The classical heraldry has been redesigned and turned into a concise graphic element. The lettering is made with the style to imitate writing done with a wide brush (something more common with the street art, more popular among young people).

The emblem on the label for the main line "Krinitsa" beer was replaced with the sign like the ribbed beer cap, which further can then be used as a visual brand identifier and becomes a symbol to bring its fans together.

The volume inscribed via a silhouette of traditional glass beer bottle (normally used for 0.5 liter) makes reading information easy, fast and intuitive.

The strong emphasis is placed on the life-affirming emotional communication and phrases that are not only informative in nature but also supported by positive emotions and mood for an active companionship in pleasant areas.