Van Gold

Pruzhany dairy factory
A task:
Brand Developing
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Fabula Branding developed a trademark for Pruzhany dairy factory. The new products are semi-hard rennet cheeses of premium quality produced in accordance with Italian, Dutch, and Swiss technologies.

While working on the trademark we wanted to focus on the origin and history of the product. We came up with the name Van Gold that resembles the family name of the famous artist thus emphasizing that the cheeses are made based on European recipes. The word “Gold” in the name refers both to the color of cheese and to some extent - to its premium quality.

The packages boast refined colors, and the motto “The Story of a Cheese” indicates the long-time cooking tradition that stands behind the product. This message is emphasized by the foundation date and the illustration in the style of an ancient engraving.

The taste is indicated by the color of outlines and the central plate, and the repetition of the name and kind of cheese help keep the brand recognizable even after a block of cheese is cut into smaller pieces.