Villa Vita

A task:
To develop a trademark (positioning, name, and package design) for crispbreads
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Pastry is one of the most dynamic and competitive categories of food products. Fabula Branding was asked to launch a trademark of crispbreads by Vitebskkhelbprom positioned as a new healthy snack.

The positioning was based not only on the natural qualities of the product but also on its excellent taste. These two features helped distinguish the crispbreads from competitors.

The melodious name Villa Vita consists of two rhythmic words that refer to healthy lifestyle, are easy to visually perceive, and serve as a perfect combination for the development of package design. The liquid shape of the photozone, handwriting, craft background, and photos of the ingredients indicate the naturalness of the product. The iconographic elements provide information about the advantages of the product in a quick and easy manner. Some areas of the package are lacquered, and the difference of textures makes it pleasant for the touch.