Meat Postage

Modern, dynamic design: postal theme, natural textures.
Development of the packaging design for the trademark

The theme, channeled through the name, was expressed through packaging design that looks like postage and created with the materials used for the airmail postage. This move is designed to translate the idea of personification, freshness and speedy delivery of the product to the consumer. The prototype of the postal theme was portrayed with the symbolism of airmail in the colors of the French flag, information zones and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) signs.

The emphasis in the design is placed on the laconic, graphic illustrations of the animals. The background wallpaper simulates various materials used for parcels and emphasizes the naturalness of the product. A more modern look also gives the packaging a light pattern reminiscent of embossing on the expensive wallpaper.

The logo plays along with the title, so its dominant feature is a part of the logo in the form of a wax seal, where the trademark name is placed.

For this trademark, many author's illustrations are developed in graphic style to reflect the type and composition of the product.

Logo Package design