Today, any presentation material (product catalogs, presenters, POSM materials, corporate brochures, calendars) is impossible to image without bright pictures to show or share a profitable product, company or idea. Commercial photography is one of the activities offered by Fabula Branding.

We provide professional photography services in our own studio in the center of Minsk, specially equipped for taking pictures of individuals and products for use in advertising and promotional materials. If necessary, our staff photographer can visit sites outside of our office to capture the interior of the buildings, like shops, offices, stores, etc.


Product (technical) based photography, capture portraits of individuals (portrait photography), appetizing food styling, photo retouching - we provide a full range of services in this direction. The photo shoot is carried out to demonstrate the benefits of the advertised product, and if the task is to show product group, we meticulously built environment to present a product in the most favorable light. Depending on the step in the process of photographing, the subject may use special tools: natural texture, macro lens, various light sources and colored backgrounds.

It is important to understand that in almost any situation where you cannot see or touch the products firsthand, the quality of pictures in the advertising leaflet or catalog (winning angle, bright colors, important details) becomes a decisive factor in the purchase decision.

We do not take pictures of love story - or rather, we do, but it is another love - love for the product. For many years, we have been developing brands and preparing presentation materials for them, meticulously verifying every angle and frame.