Dear customers and partners, we are excited to announce that the Fabula Branding company successfully became an accredited consultant for "Consultation for Small Businesses" projects by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The latter offers small and medium-sized businesses institutional, methodological and financial support for the implementation of consulting projects, and is interested in finding a dynamically growing company, where management has a clear vision for their business development in Belarus and in foreign markets.

As part of "Consultation for small businesses" program, such enterprise can qualify for 60% reimbursement of the value of consulting projects (but not exceeding EUR 10,000).

The program operates in Belarus since 2011 and is funded by the European Union as part of the framework to support small businesses in Eastern Partnership countries.

Criteria for selection of companies that can apply for a grant for consultancy services are the following:

  • the company operates for more than 2 years;

  • number of employees range from 10 to 250 people;

  • more than 50% of the capital belongs to citizens of Belarus;

  • annual revenues is less than EUR 50 million;

  • impeccable business reputation and financial stability.

The Bank is working with small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors of the economy from the processing of agricultural products to the IT-industry, with an exception of alcohol and tobacco industries, finance, insurance, gambling, and industries that might have a harmful impact on the environment.

All consultants in "Consultation for small businesses" program are pre-qualified, which includes the understanding of their core competencies and examples of successful projects, so accreditation of Fabula Branding as a consultant supports the high level of service provided by our agency and the ability to have necessary expertise, capabilities and resources to successfully provide professional business services in the field of branding.

The following services by Fabula Branding can be financed under the Program:

  • development of brand for products and companies (consumer and corporate branding, branding for retail spaces), which includes naming, logo design, packaging design,

  • analysis of the current construction of brands and recommendations for optimization of brand portfolio,

  • brand platform development (positioning and communication strategy),

  • brand audit,

  • the development of creative concepts for advertising, promotions and others.

EBRD Office in Belarus

Ul. Myasnikov, 70, office 522

220030 Minsk, Belarus

+ 375 17 380 39 31


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