Lyubimaya Apteka

Lyubimaya Apteka
A task:
Rebranding of a chain of pharmacies
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The pharmacy market in Belarus has quite complex structure, as it is regulated by the state based on several competitiveness criteria such as pricing policy, product range, and advertising. To be distinguished among its competitors, a trademark requires an elaborate strategy providing new points of contact with the customer. Moreover, the image of the brand should be well-defined.

By the time of rebranding, the brand of Lyubimaya Apteka (Favorite Pharmacy) had already been in the market for some time. However, its identity failed to increase its recognizability and required an update.


Having analyzed the market, competitive environment, and customer insights, the team of Fabula Branding developed new positioning for Lyubimaya Apteka. The concept was named Pravilnaya Apteka (The Right Pharmacy). It forms the image of a helping brand that knows its customers’ needs, takes care of them, and creates comfortable communication.

The previous logo of the brand looked too busy, and the excessive amount of details made TM identification a difficult task for the customers. The new minimalist solution is a literal visualization of the name Lyubimaya Apteka (Favorite Pharmacy). It consists of recognizable graphic elements - a heart and a cross. Lower case lettering makes the name easier to read and adds to the open and friendly feeling.

The corporate style is based of green and red colours. A comprehensive design solution serves as a basis for a simple and thought-out navigation system that helps the customers quickly find their way among the shelves and identify the products they need. Additional indoor communication media (leaflets) provide information about loyalty programs and special offers.

The team of Fabula Branding assisted the customer in the implementation of the new identity. Entrance lobbies were organized in all updated pharmacies, and branding was adjusted depending on the materials of the media (wood, glass, etc).