Today, to choose a bank, real estate agency, restaurant, kindergarten and any other company, the consumer needs more than just the knowledge of their presence in the market. The consumer also needs strong confidence that these organizations can be trusted and this reliability should be felt both on the service level and in the visual image of the company as a whole, which is communicated through its corporate identity (logo and corporate style elements).

Corporate branding is more than just designing a logo, business card or official form. This is a company statement about yourself, a broadcast through design, font and color. The difference between a truly qualitatively rendered service for the corporate identity development is in the ideal balance of simplicity in visual expression and reasonableness of the brand concept behind it.

To maintain the corporate identity in a consistent presentation, many companies chose the development of a brand book, which is a set of clear rules for use of brand elements.

Professionals engaged in the development of corporate identity consider a lot of points during the process of logo formation: how will it look on paper and in electronic form or whether it will withstand the readability in black and white printing (for example, an advertising in newspaper or presentation on a fax page).