A task:
Label redesign for a line of bottled water
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The primary focus was the presentation of the overall background, where it became possible to create a single and seamless image for the entire series. The special shade of blue, as the main style element, was chosen to clearly present brand products on the shelf and, at the same time, make them easy to identify within the product category.

The logo, elegantly designed and with clear print, became the center of the composition. The USP (“Unique Selling Point”) zone is formed in the style of a trending eco-icons to emphasize the pure and natural product.

The label “Darida Aqua Baby” was “taken over” by cute, active little creatures. Font name changed slightly to have a more playful mood. The general atmosphere is supported by the barcode in the form of a giraffe. All these elements make the product attractive to young consumers and their parents.