Bulba Frites

Tasty Photos, Laconic Sketches, and the Belgian Flag.

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Bulba Frites cook and sell Belgian fries from food trucks and mobile modules. The company wanted to distinguish itself from its competitors and to attract new audience, and the task of Fabula Branding was to create a bright visual image. The format of the customer’s operation set out some requirements: all sales points had to be stylish, recognizable, and easy to understand.

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The new design solution is built around a bright logo making both food trucks and modules visible even from a distance. On the outside the points of sale are decorated with laconic food illustrations in the form of sketches that tell the story of the product. The brand colours are the colours of the Belgian flag which refers to the origins of the recipe.

To decorate the points of sale from the inside, Fabula Branding organized a photoshoot of the product range. Large food photos will help the customers identify the positions better and make their choice easier and more comfortable.

The new solution can be used on any medium, starting from a point of sales and ending with product packaging.

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