Positioning and Brand Analytics

Market Research

Stages of Market Analysis

A market economy is affected by many factors such as supply and demand trends, competition, technological development, and inflation, and any of them can prevent a market player from getting the desired result. To develop one’s business, one needs to conduct research and obtain data to base their product promotion strategy on.

Trends / Market Prospects Research / Best Practices Research

Brand Development: What International Trends to Focus On

Knowing international market trends is an important aspect of business competition. A company that understands where the market is going, how innovations occur, and what factors affect consumer behavior knows the rules of the game on a global scale and can make accurate predictions.

Brand Audit

A brand audit is a study to identify brand's current position in a competitive environment and its perception by the consumers. In other words, a brand audit is needed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and the prospects for its development - how relevant is it, attractiveness to the buyer and uniqueness in the entire market.

Competitors Analysis

The development of a positioning strategy largely depends on market and competitive analysis. It brings to light the advantages of the product and helps assess risks and choose the best communication channels.

Consumer Research

Consumer research includes the collection and analysis of information about the target audience. This data is used to develop a marketing strategy, increase customer loyalty, and reduce business risks.

Brand Positioning (Development or Correction)

The development of positioning is one of the most popular and sought after services of our agency.

Brand Platform

The brand platform contains a description of the main characteristics of the brand, its attributes, uniqueness, and distinctive features.


Analytics is an integral part during all work stages. The stage of developing a trademark is an opportunity to "navigate the terrain", to understand the target audience and the competitive environment of the brand. If it is necessary to thoroughly and fully understand and study the state of the market and consumer preferences, we involve specialized partners and contractor companies for cooperation.

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