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Creation of a branding system for Belka Games office space, taking into account all the features of the room.
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Fabula Branding carried out the re-branding of the mobile games developing company Belka Games in 2018. Tasks like this are not limited only by creating a logo and placing it on mugs and T-shirts. A well-thought corporate style can grow further and be applied to interior design thus creating a single communication space and supporting the team spirit.
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The space branding system developed by Fabula Branding includes design guidelines for rooms and key locations, navigation, and a set of corporate information media. The agency created a number of stories and illustrations in which squirrels were the main heroes of internal communications: they worked, relaxed, gave advice, and sometimes played little tricks. The new solution takes into account all specific features of the office spaces. Fabula Branding designers worked with each location individually and gave them attractiveness and charisma.

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