Verbal Identity

Brand Naming

The name of the company or trademark is not only a "good name", it is an investment in the future. Therefore, the name creation should be trusted exclusively to the professionals.


Sub-Names as a Brand Communication Channel

What Is a Sub-Name?

A sub-name is an extension of a product name: the name of a series, category, or product type. A sub-name matches a brand name and helps effectively identify products within it.

Brand Slogan

Developing a bright, memorable, "catchy" slogan is a difficult and interesting task, because it not only expresses the basic message of the product to the consumer, but also it is an excellent tool for advertising and promotion. A good slogan is lasting and easily memorable, triggering the necessary positive associations about the product.

Copywriting (Name Legend, Brand Legend, etc.)

Professional Copywriting

The term ‘copywriting’ stands for the creation of advertising and marketing texts that support the growth of sales and promote a product, idea, service, or personality.

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