Chef Works

Cheese for the masters: development of a cheese brand from Primemilk.
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Primemilk is Eastern Europe's largest manufacturer of dry ingredients, for which Fabula Branding carried out a major rebranding exercise. Following implementation, the client continued to work with the agency. Chef Works is a branding case study for soft cheeses and protein products in the medium+ segment, targeting both B2B and B2C markets.
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Chef Works is the name that started the project. The unusual name, which is a whole phrase - subject and predicate - indicates the target audience - chefs and pastry chefs. And in doing so, it conveys quality: a product that is suitable for the work of food artisans.
The concise design with large fonts works to identify the brand and tells the story of the price range. The logo reflects the dynamics of making delicious desserts with the deformation of the letter "F" and the graphic element - a whisk. The design splits the packaging and the name in half using colour.

For the presentation of the Chef Works products in the media, Fabula Branding conducted a photo shoot, focusing on the airy texture and showing the treats that can be made with protein products and soft cheeses.

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