People like changes. Changes in appearance, career or social status are always seen as a step to something new and better, as the next evolutionary step in the personal history. We emphasize that we are talking about changes carried out purposefully and consciously, rather than those that occur by the outside forces or by chance.

The same happens with the logos of companies and brands: the older they are, the more inevitable changes in their visual appearance. Firstly, it is necessary to respond to the worldwide trends in design, and secondly, still to be liked by fans of the "old school" design of our product, when they were tall enough to walk under the table, and thirdly - to attract a new audience among the young. And at the same time, those companies should be themselves, without losing the uniqueness of their "voices".

«REDESIGN» Print Ad © Kitchen Leo Burnett Oslo
«REDESIGN» Print Ad © Kitchen Leo Burnett Oslo

Today, during a crisis, the need for re-branding of the company may be another reason that many of them will shift or diversify their activities, and the company that only produced garden gnomes, suddenly start to expand further and sell gates for houses.

But first, let us walk through this concept.


is a fundamental change for the brand image, its ideology and values, and its positioning in general. According to Olga Kashkan, Fabula creative director, «rebranding affects primarily strategic brand image. Successfully done corporate rebranding is a kind of reincarnation that can take the company to a new level, to make its products more marketable in today's market conditions, to “fill” the brand with the new meaning and to refresh its emotional field. "

Few people know, but Marlboro initially positioned itself as a manufacturer of premium women's cigarettes. However, the product did not appeal to women and the company decided to rebrand and reorient the product to the men as primary consumers.

Реклама Marlboro 20-х гг. прошлого столетия
Advertising Marlboro in the 20th century

Generally, rebranding is not much of a visual "upgrade" but it is a complete creation of a new image (very valuable at that), inspiring customers and partners to see the brand or company in a new light: a strong, flexible, moving forward no matter what.

Ребрендинг оператора мобильной связи © Wolff Olins
The rebranding of mobile operator by Wolff Olins


is a change in the visual style of the brand towards relevance. Give a gloss. Get rid of the unnecessary details and small flaws of the font. The main thing is to use professionals who know how to make the modern look while maintaining brand awareness, otherwise "slight improvement" may result in the case of "serious redesign".

Рестайлинг логотипа Rich © Soldis Communications
Restyling logo Rich by Soldis Communications


is a fundamental change in the visual attributes of the brand, after which the package design or corporate identity are virtually new to consumers.

Редизайн и последующий рестайлинг логотипа KFC
Redesign and subsequent restyling of the KFC logo


The product line for "Krinitsa" beer

In 2013, the brewery "Krinitsa" changed the marketing strategy and optimized the main product line under the name "Krynitsa", to strengthen the brand itself.

Прежний вид линейки
The former product line

…и новый, после редизайна в компании Fabula Branding
... and a new one, after the redesign of the Fabula Branding company

Bright color codification brought a clear separation for the various types in the product line and at the same time it becomes better and easier to read the name of the trademark- now it is easier to detect various choices!

Water "Berezinskaya"

Новый вид линейки воды ТМ Березинская
A new product line Berezinskaya water

The new design was needed to convey the idea of naturalness, organic nature and at the same time give the bottle new and modern look. The solution to these problems has become a colorfully painted design area, where a similar but new symbol - birch leaf - was portrayed.

Chain of stores "Get Set and Go" for affordable footwear

An example of a fundamental corporate rebranding, when the changes include not only a logo and identity but a name. The brand now has a brand character, in a form of a “walking wallet” with smile symbolizing affordable prices and the store has become was well perceived as the specialty shoe store.

Ребрендинг сети магазинов дешевой обуви
Rebranding of stores with affordable shoes

Оформление магазина в фирменном стиле. Фото: компания "Штрих Мастера"
Store presentation in the corporate style. Photo: Company "Barcode Wizard"

Frankfurters "Mishutka"

Redesign of "Mishutka" frankfurters allowed the brand to achieve their fullest potential. Fabula specialists not only created a much more charismatic brand character, but introduced the identity blue-and-white checkered pattern. The new hero Mishutka made below the line marketing more efficient and effective, and the developed communication platform enabled to clearly identify the main characteristic of the brand, the essential things when planning an advertising campaign.

Прежний вид сосисок "Мишутка"
The previous design of "Mishutka" frankfurters

Сосиски "Мишутка" после редизайна
Frankfurters "Mishutka" after redesign

Furniture gallery ARDECO

The designers of Fabula Branding were tasked to make a modern logo and distinguish it from the competition and at the same time to maintain continuity with the previous logo.

Старый логотип
Old logo

The new corporate identity was developed in the exact opposite way from the norm: the traditional logo is small and the font unit large, but in this case, the reverse approach was chosen, with a large, noticeable brand name and a small font. Status bar was also placed outside the box: inner words were place vertically.

Новый логотип Ardeco

Новый логотип Ardeco
The new Ardeco logo

Water "Akvilia"

Вода "Аквилия": до и после редизайна
Water "Akvilia" before and after redesign

Redesign for "Akvilia" is largely based on a shift of emphasis in the positioning and this was reflected in the detailed new label: the foundation was not just natural and purified water but also the uniqueness of its origins with rare 4-component mineral composition. The benefits of the products were presented by the designers of Fabula via special infographics and the logo/brand zone made the product larger and more visible on the shelves.

Красочная инфографика

Новый дизайн воды "Аквилия" от Fabula BrandingThe new design for "Aquilia" water by Fabula Branding

Of course, these are by no means all of brands that have been (or are) at the stage of the rebranding, restyling or redesigning by Fabula Branding company.

The process is labor intensive, requiring patience and careful approach. But the results are worth it: a new brand lives and "shines", inspiring others to change. We think that these examples of rebranding in Belarus are the living proof of that.

Courage and happy "rebirth" to all who seek a breakthrough!

And we are always open for cooperation, you can get familiar with our work hereand if you have any questions, our client manager will explain everything to you. Call us!