Green Cuisine

The decision that helped the restaurant go beyond the stereotypes of vegetarian cuisine.
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Fabula Branding began to work on the brand of the vegetarian restaurant Green Cuisine in 2017. From the very start we realized the unorthodox nature of the task. Vegetarian places are still quite unusual in Minsk, but certain design tendencies are typical for this industry in general, and we had to bear them in mind. At the same time, we did not want to be limited by standard associations with the vegetarian culture. To reach perfect balance, we had to combine the green and the catering storylines very carefully.
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The name Green Cuisine was the first step of this journey. Rhymed and rhythmical, it helped us incorporate the unusual nature of the place into a recognizable image of a restaurant. The word “Cuisine” causes relevant emotions that help form the required brand image at first sight.

This tendency is developed in the logo and supported by the corporate style telling a stylish and laconic story of the place, its nature, and high standards. The palette and materials of media emphasize and back up this story. On the next stage the nature of the place was expressed in the interior design developed by the ZROBYM architects studio, while we provided consulting services. Continuing the corporate style concept, the designers also went beyond the widespread craft story and the basic palette of traditional eco colours. As a result, we managed to accomplish an important mission: the brand exceeded the scope of traditional stereotypes about vegetarian cuisine.

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