Milk, activity and healthy perfectionism: rebranding a formula company.

Primemilk — is Eastern Europe's largest producer of whey-based ingredients for the food and feed industries. The company has already earned the trust of customers and established a good reputation in Belarus, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The next step in development is to enter new markets and foster business in the B2C segment. In order to enter into serious contest with competitors from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, the brand attributes had to be reconsidered as well. Having done so, the decision to re-brand was made.


Fabula Branding conducted an audit of the Primemilk brand and researched the international market, competitors and possible customers. On the basis of the analysis a positioning was developed - Master-Ingredients. Master in English means not only a master, a professional, but also the leader, manager and owner. So, the positioning marked the leading position of the company on the market and created a new product category.

An excellent reputation already allowed the company to communicate confidently. The agency's specialists created a slogan based on the notion of primacy already embedded in the name. Thus a rhythmic and dynamic phrase Perfection in Action appeared, supplementing the image of a team with an active lifestyle, attentive attitude to work and healthy perfectionism.

Changes have also been made to the corporate identity. Fabula Branding has updated the logo, while retaining the principle of its design. Brand mark - interpretation of ingredients and their combinations - was transformed into a concise graphic element and began to be actively used in the design of media.

The agency revised the color codification and developed a new color scheme reflecting the brand's character. The current combination of green and blue conveys calmness, confidence and professionalism. In the process, all points of contact with clients, consumers were analysed - this helped to create a design for each of the branded media.

The agency's team also developed the site's UI and UX design, creating a user-friendly platform for interaction with the brand. To make the brand's media resources more structured and thoughtful, Fabula Branding conducted a large-scale photo shoot of the company's team, product and locations. The final stage was a large-scale video shoot and the creation of four videos for different types of business tasks.

Dmitry Kashkan, Art Director and Managing Partner at Fabula Branding:

“This truly large-scale project involved almost all of our specialists - analysts, strategists, graphic, UX/UI and motion designers. We structured the product portfolio, visualised it, and communicated the offer to clients. And most importantly, we changed for the better not only the external image of the company, but also the Primemilk team's opinion of themselves, and helped the client to like their work even more.

With the help of positioning we told that the company doesn't just supply mixes, but that it specialises for a particular task. Master Ingredients' positioning is a statement of status and a promise of high quality. Being a Master is not easy, but I must say that Primemilk is ready for such responsibility. These are the highest world-class standards - which is why they supply their product to more than 30 countries.

The design system is based on trendy, concise elements. Large-scale professional photography effectively presents the process, the team, the product, the factory. The website is a system for guiding the user through the logic of cooperation and decision-making.

Fabula Branding continues to handle complex turnkey tasks independently. We are interested in keeping the client as free as possible from unnecessary work - searching for contractors, rework on their own. And giving them a ready and effective tool for brand management.”

Yulia Kozlovskaya, designer:

“I like it when a company's trademark has an inherent meaning that can be found and expressed in a more modern, beautiful, clear way. In the case of Primemilk, I highlighted what was aesthetic - grains of milk blends. This element was further used very extensively: it helped to emphasize the main points on the website, it turned into a pattern and we even repeated it in a photo shoot.

The old font and the combination of blue and white were more suitable for packaging than for the company. The identity, which we designed and implemented, helped the company combine business and naturalness, leadership and mindfulness.

A particularly interesting challenge was the product photo shoot, which we designed and executed in our photography studio with an in-house photographer. At the client's website the blends looked similar to each other, it was not quite clear what they were. We were able to present them beautifully, and show the products that can be made with them. We did a casting of dishes from our own inventory especially for the photo, and even bought new ones. We took an artistic approach to the process, trying to show the texture of the blends, choosing the best angles, suitable backgrounds and lighting. Both us and the client were delighted with the results, so we did not stop at one photo shoot. We did three more.”

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