Eat Cetera

There is a place where you can find something for your mind and for your soul. Creating a trademark of a chain of restaurants with Pan-European cuisine.

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Our client opened a chain of restaurants with Pan-European cuisine located in South-West Asia. The idea of the venue is that people could try dishes from all over the world in one place. For this purpose, a chef-traveler was invited, who honed his cooking skills in different countries. The location of the restaurant (quiet areas of the city) and the menu, including sets and dishes for large companies, became the basis of the idea - to make the space for meetings of friends.

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The Fabula Branding created a brand, which includes soulfulness and elegance at the same time. Specialists of the agency found some references that became the basis for interior design and also offered activities for the visitors, such as weeks of different countries' kitchens quizzes and local festivals.

The name evolves the idea of the place where u can find some food for your soul and for your heart. Name Eat Cetera is a game of words based on “et cetera” (etc.).

A line broadcasting the idea of dynamics and easiness became a style-forming element. We can see it in space (interior) design, lettering for the logo also was made on its base. Black and golden brand colors refer to classic design decisions for world-level restaurants.

Fabula Branding has also developed corporate media, a website, a concept for conducting social networks and a brand legend.

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