Bon Giorno

Bon Giorno, brand new line! Bright and appetite packaging design for corrugated chips with exquisite flavors.

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Fluted Buon Giorno chips appeared on the shelves. The brand already deserved customer’s loyalty in Russia. The Fabula Branding team created packaging design for the new line.

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What helps to convey the exquisite taste of dishes? First of all, the feed. Aromatic herbs that reveal the taste of the ingredients, spices spontaneously added by the chef's hand, sauces and oils. It was these associations that inspired the creation of a packaging design with an appetizing food zone.

The image created by Fabula Branding was complemented by bright background colors, which also perform the tuning of new products, while not contradicting the color code of the main line. The information block on the back side of the package tells about the peculiarities of making chips and the dishes on the basis of which each taste was created. And the brand "natural olive oil" informs consumers of the USP.

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