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Smart branding: development of positioning, naming, design solutions for the digital card.
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MTBank and the e-marketplace Onliner launched a co-branded digital bank card in collaboration with Mastercard. The product is rather unique even for the international markets and the first of its kind in Belarus. The main benefit for the cardholders is 7% cashback from every purchase on Onliner. Fabula Branding was asked to develop a name, positioning, and modern design for the new product.

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The target audience of the card is quite large. The idea of the project is to draw attention to Onliner, the biggest Internet platform in Belarus, and to encourage its regular customers. The positioning suggested by Fabula Branding is based on the idea of a special community of cardholders.

The name Onliner Сlever (Shamrock) refers to the familiar image of the plant that brings luck. The bright and easy-to-remember name also sounds similar to the word ‘clever’, thus paying a compliment to the Onliner brand and its audience.

The team at Fabula Branding suggested a stylish yet laconic visual image to emphasize that the product is easy to use. Holographic leaves on the card are a reference to innovative technologies.

Based on the identity, the team developed a key-visual to help the customer effectively present information about the card in a systematic way. The universal solution is adaptable to different types of advertising media.

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